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We provide in Switzerland for IT what FMH provides for medicine:

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Welcome to the FSIE!

For Experts by Experts


The Federation of Swiss IT Experts promotes the systematic postgraduate advanced and continuing education of IT professionals.

Graduates of IT studies of all ages are welcome to join us, to obtain one of the titles Expert FSIE and actively participate in the shaping and campaigning of the titles.

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Services for IT Professionals

Becoming and staying IT Expert FSIE

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For experienced IT professionals we offer the test to obtain the title IT Expert FSIE. Current specialisations are Engineering, BRIDGE (Business Analysis and Project Management), User Experience, Security and Quality. If you do not find your area of expertise, we invite you to help setup a specialisation. The title attests that you have high-end technical and personal competences that are up-to-date. Your market value will remain high. For IT students and fresh absolvents we offer coaching services to become a certified IT Expert FSIE.

Services for Companies

Simplified recruiting of true IT Experts


Companies are often desparately searching for IT experts. It is a difficult and time-consuming task to assure that the practical project and operational requirements will be met. Our title holders have an expert-verified practice-record, advanced and continuing education achievments in their specialisation as well as demonstrated team collaboration skills. A company in the recruiting process can rely on the label Expert FSIE to hire achieving and trustworthy professionals. For their current IT personnel, the FSIE offers a systematic continuing professional development scheme.

Services for IT Education Providers

Promoting education for Experts

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FSIE itself does not provide IT education. Our titles, however, require basic, advanced and continuing IT education attended by our certified experts. This increases the demand for your longer courses (MAS, DAS, CAS, certification programs like IPMA, IREB, IIBA, etc.) but also for 1 or 2 day seminars and events aimed at the level of expertise of our title holders.

We accredit your education offerings with Continuing Education Points (CEP) and announce them in the communities. You will reach potential participants without waste circulation.

Non-profit and for Switzerland

Continuity instead of Buzzwords and Commerce.

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FSIE is a non-profit association that respects the needs of IT experts, companies and education providers in Switzerland.

The titles of the FSIE are not simple mutliple-choice based certificates provided by often international commercial organisations. Short-term learning by heart is NOT what we are aiming at. However, because we are conviced to provide a scheme with high-end content, we apply for international recognition by e-CF/ and IFIP/ipthree.

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