About FSIE

FSIE is a newly founded non-profit association and still in its startup phase. Therefore, some of the envisioned content and services are not yet in place, e.g. the job market and register of Experts FSIE.

The certifications are available and we appreciate your application. Also, we highly recommend that you become member and help us build a large community of IT professionals that gain, shape and evolve the title Expert FSIE. 



The FSIE is organised with 3 main committees:

  • The board - it has the traditional role of an association's board. Additionally, it approves all certifications and decides on the pricing of the certifications.
  • The education commission - it is responsible for the CBOC and the fundmental procedures and regulations for the certification common to all specialisations.
  • The professional council - it is reponsible for the Code of Conduct and deals with complaints against breeches of the Code by certified Experts FSIE.

Then, each specialisation has its own Experts Board (optional) and Experts Commission - both elected out of the community of certified experts. The latter is responsible for the specific regulation and the examinations of the candidates.

The FSIE core team is presented below.


Simon Moser

FSIE president

"Automated processes hold a lot of potential. Companies and organizations, but also individuals and society depend existentially on their development and quality. The professionals who plan, implement and ultimately manage these processes take on great responsibility. The FSIE provides the necessary platform for them to competently assume this responsibility after their initial training until they retire. As a non-profit association of experts for experts, the FSIE also ensures objective and neutrally evaluated feedback from practice. In this way, we continuously optimise best practices and training requirements, which is why I am committed to this cause intensively and with pleasure."

Dr. Simon Moser holds a Ph.D. in IT from University of Berne. He is founder, principal owner and CEO of SolutionBoxX Ltd. a consulting company specialised in early IT project cost and time estimation and verification.


Gilles Falquet

FSIE vice-president

Gilles Falquet holds a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Geneva. He is a faculty member of the HEC (Carouge) of the University of Geneva.


Kurt Munter

FSIE member of the board, president of the Education Commission

"I am participating in the FSIE project because a uniform certification of the profession of computer scientists throughout Switzerland creates transparency for both professionals and companies, facilitates personnel selection and directly improves the quality of IT projects. It fills me with pride to bring our profession forward".

Kurt Munter holds a diploma in computer science and is the head of the computer science department at the Höhere Fachschule für Technik Mittelland (Grenchen BE).


Francis Baud

Member of the FSIE board, marketing coordinator

"It is my concern of the heart to promote the increase of professionalism and recognition of IT and IT Experts. As a member of the board of the FSIE and French-speaking Swiss I am engaged in implementing the "Expert FSIE" in general and especially in the French-speaking part of Switzerland."

Francis Baud holds a master degree in Computer Science from the University of Geneva. He is founder and CEO of NT Consulting Ldt in Nyon. He is president of SISR, the séction romande of the Swiss Informatics Society.


Daniel Felix

Member of the FSIE board, UX representative

"UX and Interface Design are becoming more and more important to achieve good and useful software. I strongly believe that all involved in software development need a minimal understanding of the basics, and therefore support the idea of a qualification and certification in this domain. As a lecturer and practitioner, I feel qualified to give input to this task, and hope to help shape a good solution."

Daniel Felix holds a doctorate in Biology from ETH Zurich. He is founder and CEO of ergonomie & technologie (e&t) Ltd. in Zurich. He leads the special interest group Software Ergonomics in the Swiss Informatics Society and is member of the board of UX Schweiz.


Patrick Spelina

Member of the FSIE board, BRIDGE representative

Why am I part of the project?

  • Because I am interested in educational matters in general
  • Because I am thriving for a smoother collaboration amongst experts
  • Because I am convinced, that the work we are doing helps keeping elderly, but skilled IT workers on the job market
  • Because I believe that there is no good reason to consider Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis and Project Management as separate topics, including agile development methods. Thus, I want to conglomerate them to sustain joined-up thinking

Patrick Spelina holds a diploma in Information Systems. He is a Senior Business Analyst and Business Consultant at ELCA Informatics Ltd., Berne, Switzerland.


Adrian Hüssy

President of Professional Council of FSIE

"IT is an essential development factor and driver in technology, market and society. Still, it's important to consider IT as a service tool for the user. Ethics as well as continuing education are indispensable. With FSIE we are forming an excellent platform to effectively promote these topics and to let them flow into the development of Swiss IT.

As a member of FSIE and president of Professional Council I am committed to the fair and ethical implementation of FSIE bylaws and actively support the fundamental values of FSIE."

Adrian Hüssy holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences North-West-Switzerland (formerly Dipl. Ing. HTL). He is founder and managing director of Hüssy Engineering Ltd.


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