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Long-term prospects

Similar to the well-known FMH titles for physicians, the FSIE certificates remain valid in the long term as they correspond to generic IT professions.

This the response to the uncertainty that can arise through the dynamic nature of the IT profession. This uncertainty may make IT unattractive for one's own career path. The titles Expert FSIE are an investment protection for your tertiary IT education and practice efforts by providing a systematic continuing education scheme.

We publish the certified Experts FSIE™ experts in a publicly accessible and searchable register. This is a valuable tool for proving your expert knowledge.

In addition, a job market for positions of expert qualifications is planned. This will also be available for young graduates looking for positions to fulfil the practice requirements for becoming Expert FSIE™.

Become a member - we are the only association exclusively for persons and not companies. If you want to be represented as a professional or support us otherwise, join us and profit from the services and benefits!

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Continuing education events

Stay up to date

The FSIE does not itself offer education. However, we recommend continuing education events that allow certified Experts FSIE™ to stay up to date in their specialisation. These events are typically 1 - 5 days seminars targeted specifically at the audience of already certified experts. They provide high-grade updates for the methods and practices of the specialisation.

BTW: Also note that we recommend and require advanced education courses. These are typically >=15 ECTS which corresponds to 50 - 60 days and are required to become an Expert FSIE in a specialisation. These are contained in the existing specialisation regulations


International recognition

Not only the IT profession is changing but also the location of work. While FSIE is focussed on the Swiss market, we also strive to support your career abroad. For this reason, we in progress to map our specialist titles to the european initiative of e-CF/ At a later stage, we plan to get recognised world-wide by IFIP/ipthree

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FSIE - l'association suisse à but non lucratif pour les diplômés en informatique. Nous soutenons votre formation continue systématique avec le titre Expert/e FSIE™.

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Carrières durables en informatique

La fédération FSIE soutient votre développement professionnel après vos études. Choisissez une carrière d'ingénieur, d'architecte, de sécurité, de qualité, de spécialiste UX ou de chef de projet/analyste d'affaires.

Perspectives après les etudes

Formation continue en informatique

La FSIE recommande des événements et des cours à ses membres. Si vous êtes un fournisseur de formation pour les experts en informatique, faites-le nous savoir.

Soumettre un cours/événement

Des équipes fortes pour les projets informatiques

L'association FSIE exige des compétences communes des experts dans toutes les spécialités. Cela permet d'assurer la performance des équipes.

CBOC - Core Body of Competences

Experte / Expert FSIE™ BRIDGE

Jetter un pont entre business et l'informatique

Experts en informatique pour la Suisse

L'association suisse à but non lucratif FSIE certifie des experts IT dignes de confiance et qualifiés pour notre société. Les employeurs, les clients, les collègues et les utilisateurs comptent sur eux.

Expert/e FSIE™

FSIE - Fédération Suisse des Experts en Informatique
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