For IT education providers

Increased demand for tertiary IT education

The FSIE itself does not offer any training. However, our recognition of IT tertiary degrees as one of the basic conditions for the specialist titles makes the choice of such a degree programme more attractive for young ambitious people. If you provide such courses, like HF/ES, B.Sc. IT/MIS or higher, we list them (if your course should not be listed, please let us know). The partnership with FSIE will augment your attractiveness for IT students, male and particularly female because we provide perspectives after study. Their basic IT degree and the title Expert FSIE™ distinguishes them from other IT professionals (career changers, apprenticeship absolvents).


Continuing Education

As the specialist titles are tied to continuing education, the FSIE opens the field for high-end IT refresher events (1-3 days seminars or similar formats). In those events you can start at the level of specialists and provide deep insights into new or eveolved techniques. We appreciate if you also include sequences of practice into those events.

Please submit your seminars, webinars and shorter periodic events (e.g. a sequence of evening lectures) using our contact form. We asses them according to our criteria, assign CEP (Continuing Education Points) and announce them into the relevant communities. That way, you will directly reach the primary interest group without wastage. The accreditation of your event is free in the startup phase. Afterwards, it costs 100.00 CHF (60.00 CHF per event if you submit more than one in a bunch). You may also decide to become a sponsor. Then, 5 (or 10) accreditations are included.


Link to IT practice

The FSIE offers your educators (professors, lecturers, teachers, assistants) a platform to incorporate their specialist knowledge into the "Bodies of Competences (BOC)" of the FSIE specialisations as members of the Experts Commissions. Pairs of 2 experts out of those commissions also assess the candidates' case studies and take the oral exams, which gives them valuable practical feedback.

Furthermore, by calling into the FSIE communities you will find experts with practical experience in many subject areas who will make your events attractive as speakers or co-presenters with case studies. Best practices are collected and published by the FSIE.

Last but not least, our requirement for continuing practice in the specialisation, allows us to collect representative empirical data about techniques and methods used in practice. As an education partner you may evaluate anonymised extracts of our data (and if published, correctly mentioning the source, of course).


Partnership and sponsoring

You can find more information about our partnerships and sponsorings here.


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