Bridging the business / IT gap

The expert FSIE™ BRIDGE enables the customer or department to identify the right business requirements in terms of cost/benefit when preparing a potential project.

When the project is started and executed, the expert FSIE™ BRIDGE evaluates and manages the external and internal IT suppliers on behalf of the customer and ensures the overall success of the project. At the end of the project, he conducts an impact analysis, prepares the final account and the gained knowledge. He combines project management and business analysis skills into an effective overall package for the client.
In this specialization there is also the possibility to add a domain (e.g. finance, medicine, etc.) as a sub-specialization suffix. This is currently based on practical experience. The BRIDGE title focuses on the common methodological features.




The BRIDGE professional profiles

swissICT job profiles

  • ICT Consultant or IT Consultant 
  • Business Information Systems Engineer (German: Wirtschaftsinformatiker) 
  • Project Manager 
  • Business Analyst or Business Engineer 
  • ICT Requirements Engineer or Systems Analyst  

Agile job profiles

  • Product Owner or Gold Owner or Sponsor
  • Product Manager
  • Portfolio Epic Owner
  • Portfolio and Program Manager
  • Team Lead or SCRUM Master


The Expert FSIE BRIDGE core competences

He/she masters the following practices at Bloom levels 4 Analysis, 5 Synthesis and/or 6 Evaluation. Analysis means the expert can determine how the parts of a practical task relate to one another, identify motives or causes, make inferences and find evidence to support generalizations. Synthesis means he can build a new structure or pattern from diverse elements in a practical taks while evaluation means he can present and defend opinions by making judgments about information, the validity of ideas, or quality of work based on a set of criteria.

Business Scoping (bCBOC 01)

Understand business (the current practices and activities within the industry, the customer's departments, environments, technology and capabilities), define objectives and model scope

Strategy Alignment (bCBOC 02)

Know enterprise strategy and governance and align the project intentions respectively

Business Requirements (bCBOC 03)

Lead business requirements elicitation, modelling and management

Stakeholder verification and validation (bCBOC 04)

Verify and validate business objectives, scope and requirements with the stakeholders

Solution Alternatives/RfI (bCBOC 05)

Propose and describe solution alternatives based on market offerings (COTS and/or developments, requests for information) and evaluations

Business Case (bCBOC 06)

Estimate costs of all project and operational tasks (business and IT) and the benefits using experience records to shape business cases

RfP and Contracting (bCBOC 07)

Write requests for proposals, evaluate offers, do recommendations for the customer (business) and support contracting of multiple providers

IT Delivery Guidance (bCBOC 08)

Guidance of multiple providers: check progress, quality of contract fulfillment, documentation, , business readiness and manage changes

Benefit Check (bCBOC 09)

Lead business acceptance, check costs and benefits, update experience records and conduct final closure


The BRIDGE experts commission

Team Lead

Patrick Spelina
Jean-Jacques Pittet


Ernest Wallmüller
Simon Moser
Kurt Munter

Advisory assistance

Norbert Seyff
Samuel Fricker

Call: Please contact us if you would like to participate in FK BRIDGE or submit a continuing education event dedicated to BRIDGE (Business Analysis, Project Management, Requirements Engineering) topics.

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