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Simplified recruitment of IT experts

The continuing education certificates by FSIE guarantee that you recruit experts who have experience and qualified professional competence in the Swiss environment. Your job and profile descriptions are simplified by FSIE. Explicitly mention Expert FSIE™ in the job profiles and most of your requirements are given: education, practical application and experience in the specialisation.

Submit open positions for Experts FSIE and find candidates on our jobs platform (starting 2022).



Quality increase

Experts assure successful projects

IT solutions designed and implemented under the leadership of Experts FSIE meet higher standards in terms of functionality, ergonomics, safety, cost/benefit ratio and adherence to schedules. Customer satisfaction and implementation speed of your projects improve.


Use FSIE continuing education recommendations

The professional development of your IT specialists after the basic IT education requires practice and continuing education.

However, it is not easy to find suitable and high-quality courses, seminars and events in the wide range of IT continuing education courses on offer in Switzerland and internationally.

The FSIE and its expert commissions evaluate such courses and publish the recognised/recommended events. Let your IT specialists attend these and ensure that the greatest benefits for your company and the employees carseers is achieved.


Participation in the FSIE expert commissions

The FSIE offers your employees and thereby your company a platform to incorporate their expertise into a broader context. The expert commissions elaborate and evolve the "Bodies of Competences (BOC)" of the specialisations. Also, they examine the candidates and assess continuing education events. These activities are paid by FSIE at reasonable rates.

Your company will also benefit from the professional and collegial exchange of your experts with like-minded and equally competent colleagues in the FSIE communities.


Partnership and sponsoring

You can find more information about our partnerships and sponsorings here.


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