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The IT basic studies (B.Sc., HF, B.I.S.) provide a sound theoretical and practical foundation for a successful professional career in IT. However, the field of IT is wide and eventually requires specialisation. Once a specialisation is chosen, it is important to invest into qualified advanced and continuing education.

The specialisations of the Expert FSIE™ programmes give you guidance and perspectives. However, they still allow a wide spectrum of activities in the course of your career. 

Our specialisations:

  • The professional profiles of Software Engineer, Developer, Database and/or Test Engineer are bundled in Expert FSIE Engineering with the respective subspecialisations.
  • The professional profiles of Consultant, Project Manager, Business Analyst and/or Product Owner, Program/Portfolio Manager are bundled in Expert FSIE™ BRIDGE with subspecialisations per industry (e.g. finance, telecom, etc.).
  • The professional profiles of User Experience Architect and/or UI Developer are bundled in Expert FSIE User Experience.
  • The professional profiles of ICT Security Officer and/or ICT Security Specialist are bundled in Expert FSIE Security.
  • The professional profiles of ICT-Quality Manager, ICT Architect (Quality) or Test Manager are bundled in Expert FSIE Quality.

If you do not find your domain of expertise (e.g. hardware development, ICT operations, AI, etc.), then we invite you to join and help us shape a programme accordingly. More information...

We use existing foundations to make our programs comparable in a vocational context. The profiles and roles of educational organisations such as swissICT and agile serve as the basis of the FSIE titles:


Professions of the ICT (by swissICT)

Specialisations based on the Swiss Standard

In the Swiss IT world there is a wide variety of job descriptions and designations, which are specified by a standard work of swissICT (Berufe der ICT, not available in English). These job descriptions form the basis for the definition of FSIE specialisations. However, not all of them correspond to the FSIE tertiary level and we cannot offer all of them in the first phase.

Please refer to our current mapping and availability of titles.


Agile roles

Mapping of FSIE specialisations to agile roles

The IT development organisation agile has created new roles. Specialisations seem less important. However, the FSIE specialisations are generic enough to incorporate typical agile roles. In the domains of engineering and operations, our sub-specialisations might not be useful. But they are optional and, hence, no obstacle that our titles to used in agile environents.

Please refer to our current mapping and availablity of titles.


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