Code of Conduct

Trust in IT

The members of the FSIE act according to their own code of professional conduct based on professional and ethical principles.



IT and its security, safety and quality are indispensable for our economy and society. The expert, therefore, takes into account processes, humans and the environment when designing and implementing a solution.


Success factor Competence

The label Expert FSIE™ offers clients a reference for technically and methodically competent experts whom they can trust in making important decisions. Finances, schedules, functionality, quality and safety remain under control.


Young IT talents with perspectives

IT is cool and computer scientists are wanted. FSIE's continuing education standard offers clear prospects for careers in business, industry and research after graduation.

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FSIE defines on the one hand the specialisations, but on the other hand also a common vocabulary. Common understanding is promoted and enables efficient, interdisciplinary cooperation and communication.


Market value protection

FSIE's continuing education certificates enable professionals to update their knowledge and practical skills throughout their professional careers. Employers and clients do not have to worry about the variety of new technical developments, training courses and the many other certificates in IT, but can rely on the specialist titles of the FSIE at any time; an FSIE expert is therefore always in demand on the labour market.


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